Online Seed Certification is compulsory from kharif 2021 onwards - Click here

Farmers are expecting quality seed and it is our responsibility to sully them with good varieties that have good remunerative price in market. There should not be any compromise on seed quality that is being distributed to the farmers

Online certification will ensure transpirancy in Seed Certification Process and farmers would get quality certified seed. The services of Village Agriculture Assistants working in the Village Secretariats will also be utilized for supply of certified seed through Dr. YSR Rythu Bharosa Kendralu in the Village Secretariats.

Shri. Gopal Krishna Dwivedi, I.A.S

Special Chief Secretary

The Government of AP is emphasizing the necessity to supply certified seed to the farmers in the state to enable them to higher yields and get remunerative prices, certification of quality seed is the first step to obtain sufficient certified seed. I exhort all the employees of APSSCA to rededicate themselves for the services to the farming community.


Director, APSSCA

APSSCA is doing yeomen services to the farming community in the production and supply of certified quality seed to the farmers. APSSCA’s Certified Seeds are a symbol of quality and proven superiority. Producers and Growers are volunteer to register area under certification to reap the seed of prosperity.


Seeds are a critical and basic input for enhancing agricultural production and productivity in different agro-climatic regions. The use of good quality seed is a prerequisite for the satisfactory production of a good quality crop. A sound seed sector in terms of quality and quantity can only support the agriculture sector of a huge country like India. Importance of quality seed in modern agriculture is very much felt. Therefore, making good quality seeds available in sufficient quantities is one of the obligations of the Government through public and private seed industry.

Seed quality is the sum of all those attributes which differentiate the seed from the grain. In terms of individual seeds, these attributes include trueness-to-variety, free from mechanical / insect damage or seed borne diseases, vigour, viability, desirable size and good appearance. Production efficiency and seed quality assurance are the basic factors in success of any seed production program. Hence, some sort of regulatory system is essential to monitor and maintain seed quality during various stages of seed production.













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