Objective of Seed Certification

The main objective of seed certification is to monitor, regulate and ensure the production of quality seeds under certification program besides making them available to the farming community in time, and popularize the usage of notified and certified varieties of Seeds.


The seed certification system is so designed to prevent the passage of substandard seed material into the distribution channel. Under certified seed production program seed quality is monitored at various stages viz., seed crop growth, seed processing and grading stage, seed testing stage etc., and the material not conforming to the standards prescribed for certification is rejected. Quality seeds produced under seed certification programme have performed well and yielded better production than the non-certified seeds all these years across the Country. Seed certification through field and laboratory inspections and continuous pedigree records provide a most practical and reliable method of verifying genetic identify and purity. Certified seed is the starting point to a successful crop as well as an important risk management tool. Assured higher yields due to performance potentiality of certified seeds compared to non-certified seeds. APSSCA is involved in Certification of wide range Kind and Varieties and has got paramount importance on account of large scale certified seed production in the Country, duly meeting the requirement of Andhra Pradesh and other States like Telangana, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Rajasthan, West Bengal and Haryana.

# Certified seed production Truthful seed production
1 Verification of seed source by the Certification Agency staff for production of foundation & certified seed, so as to maintain the multiplication chain Source of seed is not verified
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