Governance of APSSCA

The Governing Board is the authority for governance of APSSCA.


Authorities of the Agency :

a) The Chairman

b) The Board

c) The Director

d) Such other authorities as may be constituted by the Board to give effect to the provisions of the Memorandum of Association of the Agency and these Rules.

Appointment of Director:

The Director shall be appointed by the Board on such terms & conditions as may be approved by the Board. He shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Agency.

Members of the Board :

The Board shall comprise of the following members:

a) The Secretary for Agriculture in the State who shall be the Chairman.

b) The representatives of the Dept. of Agriculture nominated by the Director of Agriculture.

c) One representative of the Dept. of Finance, nominated by the Secretary of Finance in the State.

d) The Director of Research in the State Agriculture University (if existing)

e) Two Senior specialists on crop research to be nominated by the Vice Chancellor of the Agril. University (or Director of Agriculture or Horticulture if an Agril. University does not exist).

f) Three Seedsmen representatives nominated by the Seedsmen Association or where there is no such association three representatives of Seed Growers to be nominated by the State Government.

g) One representative of the farming community to be nominated by the State Government.

h) One representative to be nominated by the Central Seed Certification Board.

i) The Director of the Andhra Pradesh State Seed Certification Agency shall be Member-Secretary of the Board.

j) Managing Director, A.P.State Seed Development Corporation Limited, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

k) One representative of Seed-user farmer to be nominated by the State Government(as amended in the 8th Governing Board meeting of APSSCA held on 24.5.1979 under Agenda Item No.2(b) ).

l) The Director of Horticulture, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad (as amended in the 62nd Governing Board Meeting of APSSCA held on 29.03.1997 under Agenda item No.2(a) ).


# Designation of the official Designation on Board
1 Special Chief Secretary / Principal Secretary / Secretary to Govt., Agril. & Co-operation Dept : Chairman
2 Commissioner & Director of Agril. Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad : Member
3 Principal Secretary to Govt. (R&E) Finance & Planning Dept. : Member-Financial Advisor
4 Vice-Chairman & Managing Director APSSDC Ltd., Hyderabad : Member
5 Addl. Director of Agriculture-I O/o.C&DA, AP, Hyderabad : Member
6 Director of Research, ANGRAU, Rajendranagar, Hyd. : Member
7 Principal Scientist(Seed Production) & Head (Director of Seeds), Seed Research & Technology Centre, ANGRAU., Rajendranagar, Hyd. : Member
8 Representing from Seedsmen Association : Member
9 Representing from Seedsmen Association : Member
10 Representing Seed User Farmers : Member
11 Representing Farming Community : Member
12 Deputy Commissioner(QC), Dept. of Agril. & Co-operation, Ministry of Agril., Govt. of India, New Delhi : Member-Representing Central Seed Certification Board
13 Director, APSSCA, Hyderabad : Member-Secretary
14 Commissioner of Horticulture, Andhra Pradesh, Hyd. : Member
15 Regional Manager NSC Ltd., Secunderabad : Special Invitee
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